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Fall Into Style

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Fall Into Style

Amy Keppeler

Fall 2014 Fashion Trends

It’s just about that time of year again, where the leaves change color, the layering begins, and all the retailers are displaying their fall floor-sets. We thought we’d give you ladies the lowdown on what’s hot in fashion for this Fall, so you can start creating your looks from head to toe.


Let’s first start with the color palette we are seeing for Fall 2014. On the cooler side of the color wheel, get ready for two shades of gorgeous blues, those being Bright Cobalt and Royal Blue.  On the warmer side of the color wheel we can’t forget the pantone color of the year, Radiant Orchid, a purple-pink color that can range from light to dark this season. Picking up another warm tone in the palette is the beautiful Sangria. It’s a hot pinkish-reddish tone that automatically adds a bright pop. We can’t forget about Mauve Mist, a powdery soft violet-pink, which offsets the bolder Radiant Orchid.  To add a little sunshine to the palette, Misted Yellow shouts Fall is here. Lastly, for our neutrals, we have Cognac, which is a shade of brown in a lighter shade and Aluminum, our equivalent to grey with a twist of texture and some shine. So how do we incorporate this fabulous array of color in our wardrobes this Fall? Let’s take a look at the trends you can add to your closet right now.

Fall Fashion Trends You Need in Your Closet Right Now:

According to the Huffington Post, the top trends to add to your closet right now are, 60’s Mini Dresses, Novelty Prints, Gold, Sportswear, Fairy Tale Inspired, Put a Bird On It (Or, Animal Embroidery), Gothic and Crafty, Short and Midi, Neon, and Pastels (Donahue, 2014).

I’m going to help you ladies break down each of these trends into wearable ideas for your closet. So, let’s get started.

60’s Mini Dresses:

The 60’s are still trending. How about adding a 60’s Mini Shift Dress to your closet. Some of you ladies may be thinking, can this be age appropriate? Why yes it can, the dress doesn’t need to be uber short, a couple inches above the knee at the most, or whatever your comfortable with. Pairing some sassy mid-calf high boots and tights/nylons, layered with an edgy leather jacket for those cooler days or nights out can create a polished and more mature look.

Novelty Prints:


Novelty Prints liven up Fall by adding bright colors and patterns to dressy and casual wardrobe pieces.  They can be translated to your wardrobe in pieces like sweaters, pants, sweatshirts and dresses. I think the easiest piece with a novelty print this Fall will be the A-Line Dress with tights and booties.



Not only has gold become another neutral in the wardrobe, but a staple. Whether it’s integrated into jewelry, handbags, or a thread that runs through item of clothing, we’re seeing it everywhere! The cool thing is that it doesn’t even have to be real ladies; it can be faux and still can look fabulous. I’d recommend trying the gold trend in your jewelry or handbag of choice to ease into this one.



For the Sportswear Trend, we’re not talking sweat-pants; we’re talking quilted mini-dresses and silk shorts according to the Huffington Post. Mixing Tank tops and T-Shirts, with dressier shorts or pants are just one of many fashion outfit translations of the sportswear trend.

Fairy Tale Inspired:


Through sheer and lightweight fabrics and detailed embellishments like beading, flowers, and choice of threads, we’re seeing the Fairy Tale Trend in primarily tops and dresses.  This trend is actually very transitional from Summer to Fall as we begin to layer our garments with the cooler weather coming. For example, pairing a textured dress with a little jacket or layering a pullover sweater over a textured dress.

Put A Bird On It (Or, Animal Embroidery):


Seen on prints of sweaters, coats, and literal translations in jewelry, the Put A Bird On It Trend is continuing from Summer to Fall. We’d recommend trying this animal trend in a print on a pair of ballet flats, a dress or a sassy sweater.


Don’t be afraid if the Gothic Trend seems a bit out of your element. On the runways it was translated in dresses made of velvets, black and sheer fabrics. We think this could be a great opportunity to bring out your darker pieces and mix them into your outfits for Fall. For example, maybe black textured blazer paired with a T-shirt, skinny jeans and black leather boots.

Short and Midi:


Okay, we’re all thinking, “how short is that?” Well, actually a lot of the runway designers made it less scandalous than we think. Many layered solid and sheer fabrics, wear a solid fabric mid-thigh length skirt was underneath a sheer fabric ankle length skirt or dress. So, why not take a risk and bring those beautiful sheer maxi skirts into Fall with a lined skirt underneath and throw on a pair of booties and cropped jacket.



You may be thinking, “didn’t we already embrace this trend last season?” We sure did, but this Fall Neons are taking over trims and embellishments, as well as accessories and much less in an overall outfit. Though, we are seeing some pretty bright colors this season. I’d recommend trying this trend in an accessory like a necklace or handbag or make a bold statement and wear a coat in a vibrant color.



Lastly, is the Pastel Trend. We’re seeing designers integrate pastels this Fall. So what does that mean for us you may ask. Well, that means we can still wear our Spring and Summer clothes well into Fall and be layering those pieces with our sweaters, boots and jackets. You could even layer a dress with a jacket, tights, and booties.

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