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727 Genesee Street
Delafield, WI 53018


The Barn Owl, a new boutique in the heart of downtown Delafield, Wisconsin, provides handpicked lines of apparel & home furnishings that offer a stylish touch to both her home & wardrobe. The Barn Owl creates a memorable shopping experience from start to finish through its use of modern technology, custom styling, & a unique merchandising concept of mixing apparel & home decor.


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The Barn Owl Boutique providing you with the latest trends and styling advice for your home & wardrove!


The Barn Owl Soft Opening

Amy Keppeler

What a success! The Barn Owl soft opening on Wednesday, April 9th went off with a bang. Three exciting hours of lively conversations, shopping, and of course I cannot forget the yummy food and treats. I sincerely want to thank everyone who has been so supportive and encouraging in this venture.

These past couple of months have flown by and I cannot believe that my dream has finally become a reality. All of the behind the scenes planning, prepping, buying, traveling, and organizing have paid off. We did it! The Barn Owl in downtown Delafield, Wisconsin is open and ready for business as of Friday, April 11th! 

I can't wait to share The Barn Owl with all of you! Until then, follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates on new shipments, brands, and product images. (Click the social media logos located at the bottom of the website to follow or like us.)

All my best,


Soft Opening gorgeous floral arrangements from my sister Annie and Avant Garden in Delafield, Wisconsin.

Soft Opening gorgeous floral arrangements from my sister Annie and Avant Garden in Delafield, Wisconsin.

Coming Spring 2014

Amy Keppeler

The Barn Owl was established shortly after I graduated college with a bachelors in retail merchandising and management. After graduating, I continued my job search and I was not sure what I wanted to do in retail because I loved so many different roles.

I knew in my heart that I wanted to open a boutique someday, but thought I'd have to wait until I was further along in a retail career. Then after much discussion with family and people around me, I was encouraged and supported to follow my dream in the present. Instead of a dream coming to life someday in the future, to own an apparel and home furnishings boutique, it was now.

So, with the support of those around me, I made my dream boutique happen. It's called The Barn Owl. Why might my boutique be called The Barn Owl, you may ask. It was named with the thought that the barn owl, with a wide wingspan for flight, is just like me, a young entrepreneur taking off into a new venture, not to mention I also love birds.

The two words barn and owl has also inspired my boutique aesthetic by the apparel and home furnishings lines I carry. Barn being the rustic, raw materials, and nature inspired side to my aesthetic, and owl, being the fresh, trendy, whimsical, and unexpected side. I also like to find unique lines of product that are not sold everywhere, to offer you all something special and personal, just like The Barn Owl is to me.


I can’t wait to share The Barn Owl with all of you this Spring. Until then, style on fashionistas!